Home Additions

Room additions are becoming more popular as the years go by. Homeowners are seeing that expanding requires one of two options, either build onto the current home, or pack up, move and build or buy a new one. Obviously, the first option of expanding on the existing home seems a bit less difficult. And not only that, it’s most likely quite a bit more affordable as well.

Below are a few options that we offer in the event you are looking to expand your current home.


Room Add-Ons

ROOM ADDITIONS ARE MAJOR INVESTMENTS FOR A HOMEOWNER. So choosing the right company is key to the success of your project. Whether you are looking to add a four seasons room, kitchen, bath, or enclosure, we have you covered. We have found that with the help of our designers, our clients can now do more than visualize their project, they can actually see it before construction even begins. This is possible due to our state of the art 3D design software. Our customers can edit or make any changes to their projects and immediately view the results. This is just another way that Ameri Pro Restorations  is committed to our customers and to the success of their projects.


Floor Add-Ons

DO YOU NEED TO ADD A 2ND FLOOR OR A BASEMENT TO YOUR HOME? Adding a new floor is a major renovation project that needs to have several processes coming together to insure the project runs smoothly. Choosing a company that specializes in each of these processes makes a major difference to both the success and the cost of the project. Ameri Pro Restorations will handle each phase of the process from the architectural design to the final inspection of the completed project. And don’t forget with our 3D software, you can see your project and make changes before the actual build.


Free Standing

ADDING A GARAGE OR A POLE BARN NOT ONLY ADDS SPACE BUT ALSO VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY. Ameri Pro Restorations  can make your garage or pole barn dream a reality. With our state of the art 3D software, we can design a virtual structure that you can see and edit before construction even begins. Being able to see the interior and exterior or your design will help make structural decisions a breeze. With Ameri Pro Restorations you can avoid building the project and wishing you had made different choices in materials or placement of certain elements.

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