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When most people think of remodeling, visions of drywall, lumber, painting and other things come to mind. But studies have shown that the best resell remodels are the basics, such as: Windows, Siding, Roofing, Kitchens and Bathrooms. These are the staples of remodeling a home and with today’s technology advancing at such a rapid rate, the sky’s the limit as to affordable and efficient choices.

Ameri Pro Restoration is a custom home builder and restoration expert. That knowledge affords our company to have our hand on the best products and installation methods available today. Below are the primary remodeling functions we perform here at Ameri Pro Restorations.



CUSTOM MADE WINDOWS WITH A FUEL SAVINGS GUARANTEE. Ameri Pro Restorations sets ourselves apart from the window industry by offering you a custom manufactured windows at an affordable price. All of our windows are USA made with the most advanced technology available. We offer every style of window imaginable from Bays and Bows to Double Hung and Garden windows. Ameri Pro Restorations offers exclusive glass options, a fuel savings guarantee, and accidental glass breakage warranties. We also carry both vinyl and wood products with lifetime warranties and several color options to match your homes decor.



RESIDING A HOME IS AMONG THE TOP REMODELING PROJECTS IN TERMS OF OVERALL PAYBACK. Using a variety of siding, trim, and soffit styles, you can update, add character, or even recreate an entire exterior of a home. You can select siding that will be consistent with your home’s design while fitting the environment and neighboring homes. Vinyl is now the number-one siding material. Unlike many other siding materials, vinyl is impervious to rain, cold, salt and snow. And vinyl doesn’t rot, peel, dent or scratch, and it never needs painting. A simple soap-and-water rinse once a year is all that’s required to remove dirt and maintain the look of freshly painted wood. In addition to vinyl, Ameri Pro Restorations offers a wide arrange of other maintenance free materials, like aluminum, steel, wood, and even composite.



IF YOU NEED A ROOFING CONTRACTOR FOR REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT, WE CAN MEET YOUR NEEDS. Ameri Pro Restorations installs both CertainTeed and Owens Corning roofing products. We guarantee both the product and installation with warranties that go as high as lifetime. Customers can rest assured knowing that they are receiving a workmanship warranty from Ameri Pro Restorations and a manufacturing warranty on the materials. We offer a wide array of low slope and steep slope roofing products for both commercial and residential roofing and waterproofing applications. No matter what your roofing needs may be, Ameri Pro Restorations has you covered.



BECAUSE YOUR KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF YOUR HOME, GOOD DESIGN IS EVERYTHING. The challenges of a kitchen renovation are identifying what each home needs in terms of functionality, proper placement of appliances and cabinets, and keeping the space neat and attractive. All of these things can be achieved with good design. It is our philosophy to deliver the finest quality products to our customers and back the products with the highest level of installation and service possible. We use materials like granite, precious stones and high quality Corian for our counter tops.  We use hickory, cherry, oak, maple and exotic woods for our cabinets. We offer all of the latest design styles which increase both beauty and comfort. Whether it be new construction or remodeling, we have found that controlling all aspects from design, to manufacturing and installation, allows us to achieve our philosophy goal.



WALK INTO YOUR BATHROOM, TURN THE KNOB, AND SUDDENLY THE WORLD STOPS TURNING. It may not be the room where you spend the most time, but a nice bathroom remodel adds both value and function to a home. Ameri Pro Restorations can show you plenty of options and materials to spark your imagination. We offer subtle inspirations like the mildew-resistant caulk that keeps your wall joints free of stains and germs with the latest polymer technology. We use slip resistant tubs, tiles, and barrier-free shower bases, which prevent accidents. We have customized accessories that make your bathroom both functional and beautiful at the same time.

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