New Construction

New construction is actually quite simple and exactly what it seems. Anything that is being built from scratch or from the “ground up” is considered new construction. This could be a new home, a custom home, a room addition, and even stand alone buildings like pole barns. Typically when discussing new construction, most builders are referring to a new home, addition or stand alone building like a detached garage or pole barn of sorts.

The beauty of new construction is that it allows the homeowner options and choices that are unlimited and not confined to a remodel. This is often times why new construction projects are more desirable if the budget allows. Whether for future retirement needs, family expansion or simply recreational use, Ameri Pro Restorations, LLC. will meet and exceed your needs and desires.

We have a phrase here at Ameri Pro Restirations… it’s called DESIGN / BUILD.  That phrase really is the outline of how we work. We first Design the project, then build it. Here’s now it works…

The Design Phase: The begining of any project is a dream, a wish or desire. We meet with you and listen to your wishes, wants and needs. That translates into a preliminary design concept. You’ll work directly with our design specialist deciding on everything from paint options to cathedral ceilings to outdoor landscaping.  We can work from pictures, magazine articles, internet images or even a napkin with a few scribbles.  Our expert design staff will take your vision and create a 3D virtual Project.  This 3D Computer model allows you to see your project before we build.  This way you know exactly what you’re getting before we even break ground!

The Build Phase: Ameri Pro Restoration has dedicated builders who manage and oversee your project… not from a desk in the office, but on site with a tool belt and hammer. Our licensed staff holds Residential Builder’s licenses along with restoration certifications and many manufacture installation certifications. This guarantees you’ll receive the highest quality products and installation available in Michigan.