Sewage backups or drain overflows can leave a home or commercial building severely damaged. Backups can occur for a number of reasons; toilet overflows, burst pipes, or drains clogging and backing up. Grease and dirt especially can cause build up in your pipes. Certain items such as paper products, diapers, or other items can cause complete blockage in your drains. Tree roots, structural defects, or system deterioration over time can also cause a compromise in drainpipes, which can result in drain and system backups.


These are the primary services we provide for properties with sewage damage to clean up and restore them to original condition.


  • Removal of solids and extraction of standing water
  • Use of thermal imaging and water meters to identify all affected areas
  • High Tech drying equipment; set up to ensure the most thorough and quickest dry time
  • Sanitation of affected areas to assure all biohazards are eliminated


During heavy rains sewer systems may not be able to keep up as they fill with water much faster than the system’s capacity. This may also lead to a sewage backup as the water begins finding other releases, many times back through residential floor drains, which cause overflows.

Not all insurance policies cover damage that is caused by sewage backups. Many times this coverage is available to purchase as a rider to your current policy. If you want to ensure that you have coverage in the event of a sewage backup occurring contact your insurance agent who handles your homeowner or business policy.


Our certified technicians can respond 24/7 to handle your situation. They will work with you to help you remediate any items that can be cleaned and saved or safely remove any items that need to be discarded to ensure the safety of your home against secondary damage as well as protect your family against possible health risks.

It is crucial to ensure that who ever cleans your home is certified and trained to properly remediating buildings that are affected by sewage.

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