Custom Homes

Custom Built Homes can be placed into a few different categories. These are Stick Built, Green Built, and Custom Built. The terminology and semantics may change from builder to builder, but this simple categorization narrows it down to the basics. Another point to consider is that these categories can easily overlap. For instance, you can have a stick built home that is highly customized and extremely Green or energy efficient. However, there are builders that have only stick built options that are referred to as “cookie cutter” in the industry. These are on site stick built homes that follow a preset plan over and over again. The customization are limited and energy efficiency depends on the design and is not able to be altered.

Ameri Pro Restorations combines all of these into one build, but for clarification, we will outline the various concepts below:


Stick Built Homes

STICK BUILT HOMES ARE REALLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. The home is built via lumber one stick or board at a time. The alternative is prefabrication homes. There’s a lot of debate over pre-fab vs stick built, but one thing is for certain… pre-builts are very limited as to how much customization can occur.

BUILDING A NEW HOME CAN QUICKLY BECOME OVERWHELMING. Choosing the right company of experienced professionals to guide you through each step of the process can help make your home building experience simple, stress free, and most of all enjoyable. Our staff are constantly striving to lead in quality and value. We do that by offering 2×6 Wall Framing, Architectural Shingles, Wood Sheathing, Custom Kitchen Counter Tops and much more STANDARDS with each of our homes. All of our stick built homes are highly customize-able and energy efficient. We also have customize-able designs to choose that are guaranteed fit your family’s needs and budget.


GREEN Built Homes

WE ARE COMMITTED TO CREATING ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY AND ENERGY EFFICIENT GREEN HOMES. But what does “Green” mean? First and foremost, green means significantly cutting both energy costs and home emissions over the life of your home, in a measurable way. It also means using toxin-free building materials, providing quality indoor air, and a sunny, open environment. Finally, green means lowering our ‘footprint’ on the planet through the reduction of waste during the building process, the use of renewable materials, the use of water & energy saving appliances, and installing intelligent energy monitoring systems.


Custom Built Homes

WE ARE DEDICATED TO BUILDING HIGH QUALITY, ENERGY EFFICIENT CUSTOM DESIGNED HOMES. We offer over 60 customize-able home designs for you to choose. These plans range from traditional, to colonial, to modern flat roof contemporary designs. We are certain to have a customize-able house plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget. With our state of the art CAD design software, we will take your personal plans and design a 3D walk through of your custom home before we build it! These walk-through tours are complete with furniture, appliances, fixtures, and even trim so you can optimize your design to fit your exact wants and needs.

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