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Parade Home Quality

Properly scoped estimates and Insurance standard pricing pays enough to do a great job using Xactimate approved price lists.  We only hire the best drug and criminal free craftsmen to do the job right the first time.  All employees are bonded, insured and are highly qualified.


Fastest Rebuild

Competitors routinely take 6-18 months to complete a large loss. Ameri Pro guarantees completion in just 3-5 months after the ACV project funds are received. We will give a one time credit of $1000 if we do not receive the occupancy permit with in the agreed written time frame if Ameri Pro is the sole reason for the time delay.


Seven Year Workmanship Warranty

Inexperienced or bargain builders cut corners to save a buck. Ameri Pro never cuts corners as our reputation is paramount. We always glue and screw the drywall to eliminate nail pops. Building code upgrades are implemented to make sure the home is safe and stands for another 100 years. Boards are crowned correctly, premium lumber selected, quality windows and doors provided, durable flooring installed, sealers, primers and two coats of the best paints are flawlessly applied, trim and cabinets are installed like fine furniture with tight joints. Warranty valid when Ameri Pro completes the entire project. Call office for full Warranty details.


Seven Year No Fire Smoke Odor Warranty

Many competitors simply wipe the smoke and char off and then paint over it with a stain blocker only to discover the odor comes back, haunting the home with the stench of past fire and smoke damage. Ameri Pro is the only area firm to own both soda and dry ice blasting systems to totally remove soot from framing and sheathing lumber. Burnt or charred wood is always removed and replaced. Once framing wood is thoroughly blasted clean, it is thermo fogged and odor sealed with real shellac which is the very best odor sealer. Warranty valid when Ameri Pro completes the entire project. Call office for full Warranty details.


Reputation, Certification and Awards

Ameri Pro has completed over 5000 disasters since 2007, earning accolades from the Governor of Michigan, SBAM, BBB A+ rating and the only area restoration firm to earn the Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014. We hold certifications from IICRC as a certified firm for Fire, Water and Mold remediation. We are also EPA RRP certified and licensed by the State of Michigan as a residential builder. We have been chosen as the official firm for disaster damage restoration of the historic State of Michigan Capital Building.


Honesty, Integrity and Character are Paramount

Most insurance companies push their “preferred contractors” onto homeowners to minimize the scope of work. Unfortunately many times the homeowner gets short changed by “preferred contractors,” who are desperate to get the next job from the insurance company. Ameri Pro is frequently asked to be a “preferred contractor” and we always politely decline as we only work for you the homeowner. However, we routinely do receive referrals from reputable independent insurance agents who only want the very best for their clients without any financial consideration. We choose to exclusively work for the homeowner and their best interests to make sure scope of work is accurate, the home is properly repaired, and fairly charged to the insurance company using Xactimate pricing. Ameri Pro has grown to one of the largest restoration firm by providing unparalleled quality, ethics, care and compassion. Being human, when we do make a mistake we correct it immediately. Likewise we will not cheat the insurance company either by “fluffing up” the claim. Insurance fraud is a serious crime and can result in losing all coverage of the loss and the homeowner becoming uninsurable in the future. Homeowners looking to defraud the insurance company are encouraged to look for another restoration contractor. The bottom line is, it’s your choice to hire whoever you determine will do the best restoration of your home or business.


Great Communications

Each of our project managers and the owner are here for you. You will be provided their direct cell phone numbers. Regular progress meetings to review details and choose materials and inspection are provided. Messages always will be returned the same or next day.


Professional Trades

Only the best plumbing, heating and electrical firms make it onto our projects. Our onsite working foreman coordinates the schedule and assures everything flows. Each trade’s workmanship and materials are independently inspected by state, county or municipal building inspectors for your peace of mind.


Financial Strength

Ameri Pro is one of the area’s largest restoration firm, we are self-funded and not dependent on high interest loans to survive. In fact, Ameri Pro is one of the few firms to escrow your unearned funds to assure your funds are not misappropriated. Your escrowed funds are used exclusively for your project.


We Make Nightmares Bearable

Going through a fire is devastating to say the least. Without our experience project managers, coordination of all the details and paperwork can be ten times worse than doing your taxes. Fortunately Ameri Pro can assist you and coordinate these details to make this trying time less stressful. Many competitors store your belongings in crates and charge you to access them during the project. At Ameri Pro your furniture, valuables, clothing, sentimental photos, documents are housed in our easy to access air tight ground floor 40 foot steel containers. Come and see your items or get them anytime you want at no extra charge. Need tax paperwork? No problem. Need vacation clothes? No problem. Need Grandma’s old canning jars? No problem. Need a confidential shoulder to cry on or spiritual support? We even have a Chaplin on staff who is here to help you any time. As you can see disaster restoration is a specialty that requires great skill, planning, forethought and compassion to help our clients to get back home quickly to a beautiful and safe home. We would be honored to help you as we have done for thousands of other families.

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