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There are no words that can be said to comfort a family when a disaster occurs.  But choosing the right restoration company can make all the difference.  We recently took the testimony of a family that suffered a fire loss. The family survived, but the home was destroyed in minutes.

Listen this their account of that life changing night and the days and weeks to follow. They tell a story of loss and pain, but a story that turned into a blessing and hope. Now they have a new home and best of all, a new beginning. We were there to help and are honored to tell their story.

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Christopher HenleyChristopher Henley

Russ Ayers, project manager at Ameri Pro, does so much more than take care of your water problems. Russ is a good example of how they do things.
I was stuck in my driveway this morning having locked the keys in my running car. With no one to call since my phone was in the car, I thought I was in a hopeless situation.
Two doors down, an Ameri Pro truck pulled up. They had been called out for service. Noticing what was going on, Russ Ayers offered to help.
10 Minutes later, I was on the road! Russ had a genius idea that saved the day and didn't involve having to break anything. He used what he had and a willingness to try a few things.
Thank you Russ, thank you for all you do!!!

Dr. Christopher Henley

P.S. To learn about his genius plan that worked and how he and his company can help you with all your "impossible" situations, contact Russ at Ameri Pro. You will be so glad you did!

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RedPill78 VlogsRedPill78 Vlogs

The service and quality was unparalleled. There was a small section of exterior wall that they missed when they did the installation, and as soon as I realized, they came over promptly and completed the work in a matter of hours. I have had no water from any wall they waterproofed, and I don't anticipate any! Thanks Ron, and the entire crew!

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Jim McDanielsJim McDaniels

As the owner of the McDaniels Insurance Agency, a Farm Bureau Insurance agency, providing excellent service to my clients is very important to me. At times of loss when our insureds have claims, it is very important to me that they are taken care of quickly, and in a very professional and honest manner. I have been very impressed with the caliber of workmanship provided by Ameri Pro Restoration, and know that they are an organization that will always work to do the right thing. In the event I had a loss at my house, they would be my first phone call. Thanks for taking great care of our insureds that we care so much about ~ Jim McDaniels

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Client Thank You Letters

Take a look at some of the original thank you letters written by happy clients.

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