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Schnabel Latest Models

Full 3D Model

In just a moment, a 3D Model Viewer will open below. Once the view opens, click the green Load Model button in the middle of the viewer.

If the model fails to load, it’s due to a timeout issue and you simply need to click again. Once you open the model, you can use your mouse to move the model and your scroll wheel to zoom in and out. This model has the exterior roof on it, but you can zoom into the home and view it from inside as well.

If this model doesn’t open after 30seconds, reload this page and if it continues to fail, CLICK HERE and a new window will open for Chief Viewer.

Once the Model is loaded, you’ll want to go into Rendering Technique and change it from Basic to Standard if it already isn’t. This allows you to see more detail and some textures.

Also, if you click the square in the bottom right-hand corner of the viewer, that will change it to full screen and to exit full screen click the escape button on your keyboard.

Panorama View from Kitchen

If this view doesn’t load within 30 seconds, refresh the browser and if the problem continues after refreshing, CLICK HERE and a new window will open with the Panorama Viewer.

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